Fundraising for CDRANet is just getting underway. The Network is being launched and supported by the Science Communication Institute, a US-based 501c3 nonprofit public charity. As dedicated funding comes in for the Network, it will be listed here. Over the past 12 years, SCI has received support for its projects from individual donors, foundations, companies, and the United Nations (UNESCO).


Funding source Target date Amount Support for
CDRA25 participants May 2025 US$350,000 CDRA25 conference costs
Institutions & Foundations Rolling US$1 million annually Conference planning support, conference supplemental support (e.g., travel scholarships), and CDRANet Forum support (e.g., in-person side meetings, online resource development).
Businesses ASAP US$2 million annually Public education and outreach, policy development coordination (including travel and side-meetings), lobbying & support
Individuals Rolling US$200,000 annually Social media, web and video support
Governments Rolling $5 million annually Global government outreach and policy coordination work (including travel and meetings)