The CDRANet Policy Forum is where the policy work of this Network will be grounded, connected by workgroups and annual conferences. When fully enrolled by the end of 2024, our expectation is to have assembled a small body–about 350 members in all–of high-level experts in the CDR space who together represent all stakeholder groups and regions of the world. We welcome all qualified applicants who can engage online to help move this policy process forward. Reach out to us if you think you should have a seat at the table, or if you have recommendations about who should be part of this group (email [email protected]).

  • CDR business leaders

  • Oil & gas industry leaders

  • University researchers

  • Environmental leaders
  • Policy reps (international, federal, state, local)

  • Climate change education experts

  • More (15+ groups in all)

  • 30+ countries expected

  • All regions, including G7, EU, China & industrializing regions

  • Attention to diversity of voices and perspectives

  • Moderated conversations

  • Expert opinions

  • Emphasis on listening, not selling

  • Policy partners encouraged and expected

WHY join?

  • Unique and powerful opportunity to work directly with high level colleagues around the world and policymaking organizations on developing draft policy recommendations for CDR

  • Unique and powerful opportunity to more about CDR and CDR policy and apply this information to your own research, advocacy, and/or business.

  • World-class networking opportunity

  • Safe and trustworthy, nonpartisan discussion space, organized and hosted by a nonprofit global leader in science communication

  • Summary reports to be published, licensed for free repurposing and reuse

  • Transparent and accountable–nothing hidden

MORE details coming soon

Stay tuned for updates